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Ways of consumption

ways of consumption

Cannabis can be smoked, vaporized, ingested, or used topically. The consumption methods each have different advantages. Changing the way you use cannabis can not only be beneficial but also change the effect of cannabis. Here are the most popular and easy ways to help you find the optimal method for you!

Dried Cannabis

The most common way of course is to smoke it. Inhaling the flower by combustion or vaporization allows you to feel the cannabinoids present in the plant in just a few minutes. Its very rapid effect makes it easier to control the dosage and thus obtain the desired sensation. However, this method of consumption provides shorter-lasting effects (2 to 3 hours).

Smoking cannabis can be seen as a very cheap and effective way to obtain its virtues. This more common method is also the most harmful to health since the combustion of vegetable matter produces carcinogens and increases the risk of developing a respiratory problem.



Although it may sound very similar to smoking, vaporizing is a method of heating cannabis to a temperature at which the THC and other cannabinoids in it turn into a vapor that can be inhaled. It’s a purer sensation that provides a higher concentration of cannabinoids and flavors. In addition, vaporizing does not involve the entire combustion of the vegetable part. It is therefore a good alternative for smokers since it is less damaging to the respiratory system.


Cannabis oil and capsules

The use of these products makes it possible to be able to dose precisely. It is one of the best methods of consumption currently available on the market to optimize the various effects of cannabis, however the time to onset of effects is longer than when cannabis is inhaled, so be patient when consumed. and do not combine cannabis oil or capsules with other products. This mode of consumption provides a prolonged effect so that you can benefit from the effects over a long period of time (more about duration).