Cannabis Medic

What is it?

Cannabis Médic is a company working in the field of medical cannabis. We try to inform the public about the many benefits of using cannabis as a medicine. We will assist you throughout the process to obtain your cannabis prescription for medical purposes. Our many partners in the medical field can advise you on all ranges and methods of use. In addition to giving you access to the many cannabis producers approved by Health Canada, these prescriptions also give patients the right to grow their own crops at home. That's why Cannabis Médic also offers all the services needed to optimize your production from planting to harvest.


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Our goals at Cannabis Médic is to provide our patients with all the necessary information to access cannabis for medical purposes and to improve their quality of life through a completely natural treatment. We are also very committed to advancing research related to cannabis and all its benefits.



Cannabis Médic is deeply involved in promoting the benefits of medical cannabis and especially in promoting Cannabidiol (CBD), a cannabis active substance that remains unknown to many.


Given the many products and the many features that can be found in the cannabis , we offer patients free follow-up and advice on which products will be most appropriate to improve their well-being.


Get a refund for your medical cannabis

Our partner, SOS Cannabis will help you initiate the necessary steps with the SAAQ, CNESST, the IVAC and/or the RAMQ.

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